Virtual Offices and their Significance in the UAE

Virtual Offices and their Significance in the UAE

Virtual Offices and their Significance in the UAE

With the rapid development of technology in the past decade, the use of modern equipment has become widespread in every industry. The internet has connected billions of people and has allowed them to work together for a variety of purposes. Platforms such as Facebook, Skype, and Zoom have thrived by allowing individuals and companies to connect and conduct business online. With this came the surge of people who choose to work from home; freelancers.

The competition in freelancing has grown over the years and as of a result, the demand for virtual offices has surged worldwide including the UAE. The country is a globally renowned destination for business, luxury, and tourism, so it is no surprise that a myriad of freelancers, startups, remote workers and international brands choose to establish themselves here.

UAE as a Global Marketplace

The United Arab Emirates has a population of 9.89 million people, out of which, 80 percent are expats. This makes it home to one of the world’s highest expatriate populations, and as a result, its corporate landscape has become very diverse. The country offers numerous incentives for starting up businesses as a bid to attract more investments and boost their economy. The political atmosphere, tax-free zones and abundant human resources makes it a very sought-after location for investment. In fact, setting up an office in the UAE, primarily in Dubai, is considered a milestone for companies all over the world. Moreover, the country is a major tourist destination with an annual average of 16 million people visiting it. It is safe to say that the country has a paramount role in the world’s marketplace and opting to start a business here could lead to an endless tunnel of opportunities.

What is a Virtual Office?

It is a facility that provides essential business services to an individual or startup. The services include a physical address, mailing address, a call/fax and email receptionist, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing facilities. In simpler terms, virtual offices provide businesses and freelancers that operate remotely with a range of functions that allow them to have the experience of a physical office at a lower cost. Additionally, you can also get an on demand temporary physical office and meeting room in case you need to meet a client or investor physically.

The Benefit of Having a Virtual Office in the UAE

With the boom in the modern organizational trend of working from home in the UAE; companies, individuals and startups are butting heads to become the leaders in their respective niches. Those that are working remotely are increasingly moving towards using virtual offices to give their companies an added touch of professionalism.

Having a virtual office can do a lot for a business in the Emirates, the services they provide include a physical mailing address, a virtual receptionist that can answer emails/calls and set up appointments, and an on demand office space in the event that you need to meet an important client or investor. Whilst the latter can be done at home or another public place, it would not have the same effect on the client as a proper office would. Utilizing virtual offices can basically elevate the overall experience of your business and customer satisfaction.

In order to accelerate your organization’s success in the UAE, a virtual office is a must. Our team of experts can help you find the best virtual office services in the Emirates. For more information on virtual offices in Dubai, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!