Complete List Of Virtual Office Terms And Definitions

Complete List Of Virtual Office Terms And Definitions

The virtual office industry is always growing and developing with the latest changes in technology and digital requirements of businesses. For this reason there are always some new terms and words added or subtracted to the jargon as the available services change. Below we will discuss some of the commonplace phrases and understand what they mean.

  1. Business Address

This is a most basic and fundamental service provided by virtual offices. The business address is based on a real physical location and can be used for communication, it can be shown on your website and can also be used for business registration. Virtual offices offer addresses from all over the world and in many different business areas. It is best to choose an address which is renowned for and related to your line of work. Having a professional business address gives the company a good image in the eyes of stakeholders.

  1. Business Contact Number

This is more professional than using a residential number or a mobile phone. Having a UAN or toll-free number helps build customer trust and gives the firm more credibility. This can also be used for directory listings and business communication and advertisements.

  1. Mail Forwarding

If your VO setup is located far from you, and it is not possible to physically collect mail, the mail forwarding service delivers the mail to your location. Moreover for people who are constantly on the move, they can have the mail delivered to wherever they are.

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  1. Virtual Receptionist

This option gives business owners some extra room to focus more on their work and let a professional take care of communication. Especially for people who are always on the move and cannot be available full time to answer the phone, this service takes care of the problem. These receptionist staff are fully trained for communication tasks and can often perform better in this department as compared to someone who expertise lies elsewhere, creating a performance edge.

  1. Live Receptionist

This is the same as the virtual receptionist, with the difference being that some VO service providers may have the receptionist located on premises. The receptionist services can be customized to your company’s requirements and you can adjust how many hours of service you need. This service ensures that everyone trying to contact you is catered to.

  1. Conference Rooms

This is a dedicated space that can be used for meetings, seminars and company functions. Different kinds of services are available in the meeting room such as high speed internet, video conferencing, multimedia solutions and others. some VO’s also have the option of members bringing in their own solutions in case the VO doesn’t offer them such as catering.


  1. Hot Desk

Hot desking involves a single workstation being used by multiple people at different times. This service is great for free lancers and professionals who do not need an office space full time and want to take advantage of high end facilities. It works on a need basis and members can check for availability and book a time slot through the online portal.