The Major Players In Virtual Offices: Who Are They And How Did They Start?

The Major Players In Virtual Offices: Who Are They And How Did They Start?

The Major Players In Virtual Offices: Who Are They And How Did They Start?

Virtual offices offer businesses a unique style of operations which are both cost effective and growth inducing. This style of operations can be used for a variety of organizations from different sectors and industries.

The virtual office is not a new concept and it has been around since the late 1960’s and early 70’s. However at that time it was rather different and over the course of time and with developments in digital technology it has become what we see today.

Due to these modern developments virtual offices have become a global phenomenon and their outreach has also increased through digital technologies. This makes them more functional and even more important for businesses today.

The Founders

Richard Nissen is the person who registered the trademark of “Virtual Office” in the UK in 1992. His organization, Business Spaced Limited, offered office space and communication services which were cutting edge at the time and catered to that era. This mostly included telephonic communication services and mail handling solutions.

Just a couple of years later in the USA Ralph Gregory founded the Virtual Office Inc, in 1994. He is also the founder of Intelligent Office, which is a serviced office company still functioning today.

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Predating both of these individuals is Mark Dixon, who is the founder of Regus, one of the world’s largest workspace operators. Regus was founded in 1989 in Brussels and in 1998 this same company also introduced its first virtual office service by the name of Link.

Over time as the virtual offices grew in demand, the founder of Davinci Virtual was the first VO service provider to wholesale virtual offices all over the world.

Today the serviced office market has grown tremendously and there are a countless number of service providers catering to the endless demand. The current global situation is also playing a big role in influencing people to use the virtual office style of operations.

The Market Today

As this market is exploding with growth and is expanding globally, a lot of new comers are joining the market. Some of the prominent names today are those who have been around for a while. Among them is Davinci Virtual who is operational in 30 countries and boasts over 1000 locations in its portfolio. Davinci has virtual solutions which cater to every budget and has a variety of services that it offers.

business people having meeting in confer
business people having meeting in confer

Regus is also an older name and has plenty of expertise in the virtual office industry. They cater to clients in a number of countries and offer all of the latest office services. They also have the option of using a private office for clients who also require physical space.

Alliance Virtual Offices have been around since 1992 and are operating in 40 countries across the globe. Their portfolio consists of more than 800 locations throughout the world.

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Today clients who need a virtual office setup can choose from a long list of companies with some offering only basic services such as an address and telephonic services while others offer more advanced service such as API solutions and high end software integration with services.


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