Latest updates on business center and co-working spaces with respect to Dubai Govt on COVID-19

Latest updates on business center and co-working spaces with respect to Dubai Govt on COVID-19

According to Gulf News His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the current vice president and prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai has set in motion processes to bring back normalcy to life by reopening offices while keeping strict measures.

As of June 3rd business are allowed to reopen while government offices are still function at 50%.

Protocols For Businesses

The measures which will be enforced will be applicable for any and all establishments. Whether they are commercial centers, gyms, food related businesses, entertainment facilities or coworking spaces, everything will be reopened while being monitor strictly for compliance to operation guidelines.

Working Hours

Under the new directives local authorities have issued permissible movement hours which are applicable for the public and all establishments. Movement hours are between 6am and 11pm. Businesses can select when they want to open and close as long as it is within this time frame.

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Working Conditions

Within these hours it is also mandatory for establishments to abide by some preventive measures set by local authorities. One main feature for businesses to implement is temperature screening for all people who visit the facility, this includes employees, clients and visitors. Firms must also provide the provision of an isolation room for suspected individuals. And lastly the number of employees which are permitted to be in close proximity of each other must also be monitored and limited. Also the Supreme Committee has urged establishment to ensure sterilization of all work surfaces and common areas.

Individual Safety And Safety Measures

Making sure that individual employees are also implementing precaution in throughout their day is important for businesses and is also important for the public at large to ensure safety for everyone. Wearing face masks is an individual precaution which is very vital. All people present at the facility are required to maintain a good safe distance from each other which is recommended to be 2 meters. Cleanliness is paramount and using hand sanitizers as well as washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds regularly will be a routine. Individuals who are working in businesses, co-working spaces or any kind of office setup, will be required to implement these features.

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Individuals who suffer from respiratory problems are encouraged to work from home while businesses and employers are recommended to source work remotely from staff as much as they can.

So far establishments have been permitted to resume operations at full force but with caution. Government offices are still not calling everyone back to work and decisions regarding their offices will be made after June 14th. To find the coworking or the virtual offices in Dubai contact on the details given below or fill this Quotation Form

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