Is Co-Working Space Better For Freelancers Than Working From Home?

Is Co-Working Space Better For Freelancers Than Working From Home?

Freelancing is on the rise partly due to the fact that businesses are moving to the digital space and also because skilled workers prefer the freedom which freelancing offers. The modern workspace is no longer bound by physical space and geographical location, through freelancing businesses can hire worldwide and workers can choose to work for companies anywhere in the world.

However freelancing itself can often vary in its efficiency depending on how the freelancer goes about their work. Whether they choose to work in a coworking space or work from home independently has its own costs and benefits.

Working From Home

Even as a freelancer there are some occasions when it is important to have a meeting with a client or a vendor, and a home setting is not ideal for this. One’s own residence is an informal setting which can be a work station, but it is not a formal business environment to host business meet-ups.

  • Boredom is an important consideration which is not visible at the beginning of a home based work experience. Initially one is quite comfortable at home, not having to abide by a dress code, particular timings, or the traffic and congestion of a working office. However over time, sitting at home alone creates a lot of isolation and can even trigger feelings of depression as the only company they have is their computer.
  • Similarly as the home environment is not dedicated to work, there are often many distractions. There are several chores at home which can be a distraction and hinder work. Even when trying to combat loneliness, things such as background music or TV can cause disruption in the work flow and overall output. House related tasks can take up a lot of time and make it difficult to manage a work and home balance.

Co-Working Spaces For Freelancers

Even though coworking spaces will require subscription or will have a monthly fee, but the benefits are significant.

  • Networking and having company is an obvious but underrated advantage to coworking spaces. Even for people who choose to work alone quietly, having company around and having somewhere to hangout during their break helps reduce stress and refresh oneself.
  • The coworking environment creates an atmosphere of work. With people all around busy in their tasks and having a fixed amount of time in which you can do your work helps fend of procrastination and keeps one focused on the work at hand.
  • With other professionals around one can discuss ideas, get new perspectives and have a lot to learn. In isolation one is completely dependent on themselves and limited to their own knowledge. For this reason coworking spaces are great for fostering creativity.

Sense of Punctuality to Employer

As a freelancer you can mention that they are part of a co-working space, this influence the way clients view your work ethic. It also gives potential employers the impression that this person is serious about their work and has a particular work ethic, rather than being home all day and working whenever it is possible.

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Working from Home or Co-working – Author’s Opinion

Becoming part of a good coworking space also means you have access to a high quality work environment. Often the hardware available at home can be good enough to get the job done but with better machinery you could do higher quality work. Coworking spaces are managed spaces, where freelancers don’t have to worry about clearing the space or managing the area, these are things which are the responsibility of the freelancer when working from home.

Considering all the advantages of the coworking space, it makes sense why they are gaining popularity across the globe. For freelancers who want to advance themselves and their careers, coworking spaces are the best option to go for. To find the coworking or the virtual offices in Dubai contact on the details given below or fill this Quotation Form

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