How Virtual Offices are Facilitating Freelancers in Dubai

How Virtual Offices are Facilitating Freelancers in Dubai

How Virtual Offices are Facilitating Freelancers in Dubai

The world we live in has witnessed a multifold of milestones in terms of technological development and innovation for the past 15 years. We have seen a rapid boom in the utilization of modern technology in our everyday lives and the use of the internet has been the real highlight of this increase.

Today there are 4.57 billion people that use the internet. The result of this? An endless number of opportunities for people worldwide to connect with one another and work together to grow. The essentiality of using the internet became the driving force behind the skyrocketing number of freelancers around the world, and with that, the current rise in popularity of virtual offices everywhere including Dubai.

Perks of Being a Freelancer

Ever since working through online channels became a norm, millions of people have benefited from it globally. It has provided the world with a sea of opportunities and has made our lives easier. Unlike in the past, you no longer need to meet someone physically to work with them, instead, you can do it over the internet and its vast choice of options for communication. There has been a rapid rise in the use of video conferences and screen-sharing applications (Zoom, Skype, etc.) as a means of staying in the loop of work progress.

Freelancing as a profession certainly has its perks, It offers you the freedom to work on your own time and in your own comfort zone, you get to choose who you want to work with, you can pick specific projects that you want to work on, and in some cases, you do not have to pay taxes on your earnings. Moreover, you can make a killing in terms of multiple streams of income as you are not limited to working with one client and can work with as many as you can handle at a certain period of time.

Working as a Freelancer in Dubai

Considering the fact that Dubai is a hotspot for professionals from all over the world to interact with one another, there is no surprise that the demand for freelancers has risen. In fact. Dubai is one of the top cities in terms of opportunities for freelancers. A growing number of top companies and even startups in Dubai are opting to hire individuals and teams on a pay-as-you-go basis, simply because it is cost-effective. On the other hand of the spectrum, this is beneficial to the freelancers as well because they are not limited to working with one client and can make the most use of their time by pursuing other opportunities.

Should one be interested in freelancing in Dubai, they need to submit the following documents to the state:

• Copy of visa and passport
• Reference letter from the bank
• Updated CV
• Portfolio and/or proof of qualification; credentials that validate eligibility.

The Benefits Derived from Having a Virtual Office

Whilst freelancers normally work from the comfort of their own homes, there can be instances where the need to appear as a professional business is crucial in securing a client. This is the reason why virtual offices are rising in popularity. They offer a variety of services and facilities such as an assistant who takes care of emails and calls, a landline number/fax, and a physical address for the purpose of deliveries and mail.
Having someone else take care of these duties can lead to better productivity rates for the freelancers. And the cost of utilizing these services becomes negligent when the time saved doing them by yourself is considered.

By opting for a virtual office in Dubai for a primarily freelance based business, you can render the following benefits:

• On-call meeting rooms and conference halls for freelancers to meet when required
• Physical business address is a prestigious locality
• Receptionist services including phone answering and email

For more information on how virtual offices can help accelerate your career as a freelancer, contact us today!