How To Choose The Right Co-Working Space In Dubai? A Few Primary Things To Look For

How To Choose The Right Co-Working Space In Dubai? A Few Primary Things To Look For

The bulk of the modern workforce consists mostly of the millennial population. These are people born in the years ranging from the early 1990’s till the early years of the new millennium. According to forecasted statistics by 2025 the global workforce will have 75% millennial’s. This is a generation which prefers a flexible work environment in which it can use its creativity and studies show that their productivity is significantly higher in an environment where they are able to interact with new and different people.

It’s not just the nature of the workforce which is pushing organizations to move towards coworking spaces. Rather the nature of the marketplace and organizational constraints are making coworking spaces not only viable but also necessary.

Cost Of Operations

This is the most significant factor for both employees and businesses. The cost of working out of a coworking space is exponentially lower than having one fixed location. The rent for an office is a fixed cost which has to be paid every month and as it increases over time, it can be difficult to manage in uncertain economic conditions. The fixed office setup may be suitable for manufacturing but with modern organizations which are more service based having the professionals on site is no longer necessary. As long as they can do their work business can continue to operate.

Travel Time And Hours

Traffic conditions are worsening every day and in many cities around the globe, the commute to work is becoming a significant expense for employees. Even for employees who use public transport not only is expense a concern, but amid the Covid-19 crisis, health risks have also emerged. With co-working spaces all over the globe, finding a co-working space near home is easier than ever. Startups and employees in co working spaces also have the benefit of being able to work flexible hours. Many coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day and this is very helpful for people who want to have a flexible work routine.

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More Possibilitie

With coworking spaces startups and businesses are able to enjoy the benefits which are often limited to large businesses. One of the biggest factors is massive pool of potential employees. As workers do not need to be physically present, businesses can hire remote professionals who can deliver their services from wherever they are in the world. This means organizations are no longer limited to who they can find within their demographic.

Amenities And Functionality

Coworking spaces come loaded with several features which aren’t possible if you choose to launch your startup from home for example meeting and conference rooms with multimedia features. As technology becomes more important for businesses coworking spaces are also offering advanced IT and network solutions which offer security, affordability and reliability. Other coworking environments offer unique features such as rock climbing, a mini capsule hotel and entertainment amenities for those looking to spend long hours at work.

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All of these traits of coworking spaces set them apart from working from home or renting out a basic office. The modern coworking space offers very nice features not only for startups and freelancers but also established companies who want to expand or find a way to improve business. These coworking environment have something useful to offer for people from all industries and all budgets.
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