How To Choose Office Space For Rent In Dubai

How To Choose Office Space For Rent In Dubai

How To Choose Office Space For Rent In Dubai

The Arab peninsula is coming up fast in the race of the top ten economies in the world with Dubai leading the pack. The Arab region and their economy displays all the groundwork needed upon which a solid business environment can be developed. With a young population growing in size, money and activity this is just the kind of environment investors from all over the world look for to invest in and earn exponential returns from. However with such an attractive business environment the competition is becoming tough for businesses who want to enter. There is only so much real estate available and whoever gets it first is likely to be there long term. Below we will consider some of the important factors business owners need to keep in mind when hunting down a property for their enterprise.

The Area/Vicinity

Where you setup your base will depend largely on the field of work you are pursuing with your business endeavor. There are several specialized markets in Dubai for a different types of industry such as gold markets, retail malls, wholesale markets and port areas for import and export trade. Setting up your business in the appropriate market will always be beneficial and give you several advantages while at the same time saving you from extra costs associated with being in a location which is not suitable for you trade. For instance if you are an import and export trader, being located far from the port will significantly increase transport costs, and you may find yourself having to go back and forth from the port to your office which is located far away. Being in an area which is renowned for a particular business also allows you to enjoy a natural inflow of customers who are visiting looking specifically for the items you trade. Having a good flow of footsteps is helpful for all kinds of businesses.

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The Building/Premises

Whether you are trading products, offering services or manufacturing goods, you will need an area which can cater to your needs. One of the most important things to consider is whether or not the premises you have shortlisted provides all the necessary facilities. If you are looking to manufacture you may also want to consider the laws and regulation pertaining to that area and if they permit manufacturing plants. Some businesses work odd hours, such as production plants, call centers and bars, this is also a consideration. One also needs to make sure they have the required permits and licenses to operate their business in the area.

Available Amenities

Particular business specialized amenities just as restaurants require access to water, gas and electricity. Some locations may not offer all these amenities and using a substitute may not be cost effective. In the same way many buildings and shopping malls have restrictions on the kinds of amenities and utilities which they can provide or which a tenant can bring in for business use. As Dubai is a large cosmopolitan city, and with people from all over the world coming here to find work opportunities.

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There is a likely hood that if your staff is not local they do not have housing arrangements. If you your business facility could provide accommodation in or nearby the premises that will make you more employee friendly and also increase productivity. Similarly being located in an area where it is convenient for staff and customers alike to approach you is a win-win situation.
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