How much does a virtual office cost?

How much does a virtual office cost?

How much does a virtual office cost?

The business world is advancing and evolving with the advancement in technology. Trends are changing, and people are moving more towards the digital world. Even with all the changes and development in the industry, there is still a need for physical interaction.

So if you are running a home-based business, an online business or a business in the other end of the world and wish to have your company linked to an address in Dubai, then the best option for you is a virtual office space.

If you are planning on setting up a virtual office in Dubai but have no idea how much it would cost you or how you can define the cost, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to look at the factors that affect the price of virtual office space, so you know how much it is going to cost you.

What is a virtual office?

The term virtual office is self-explanatory, but if we were to put it into simple words, we would say that it is a business-related service that allows business owners to enjoy physical office benefits offered by a location without actually having a physical office in that area. In short, it means that this service allows you to work remotely and still maintain your business presence in your desired destination, such as Dubai.

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For instance, if you set up a virtual office in Dubai, you will be provided with a Dubai address for your marketing or payroll invoices without actually being stationed in Dubai. You will be able to access all the business functions offered in the package virtually via the internet.

Factors that affect the cost of virtual office

The primary thing that one needs to consider when renting a virtual office is the monthly cost. So the question is how the price varies or what factors affect the value of the virtual office? If you look at it, multiple factors affect the cost of a rental building or workspace, but here are the major ones that contribute to the deciding cost.

  • Geographical location

The very first factor that affects the cost is the geographical location of the office. For instance, a virtual office situated in the Dubai mainland will cost way more than the virtual cost located in the free zone. The reason being, that the geographical location of the office gives you a much more reputable business address, which adds to the credibility of your brand’s image.

You will be able to publish that address on your business cards, marketing material, and PR packages as well. Plus, your business on Google Maps will also be linked to the same address. Imagine how a person would feel knowing that your office is located in the central business hub of Dubai? It will, for sure, leave an impression, and that is what is going to be beneficial to you.

It works way similar to your regular rental properties. The more posh or luxurious an area is, the more it costs. So, you need to understand that the geographical location of the office plays a significant role in deciding the monthly rental.

  • Administrative service

Most service providers also provide you with administrative functions. This includes your very own personal telephone number, a secretary that answers all the calls, and forwards it to you. The administrative services that you get depend on your package, but on average, it includes answering calls, responding to emails, taking care of your packages, and regular day to day secretarial services.

The more services that you add to the package, the more the cost will be. For instance, if you need the service provider to scan your mail or deliver a package to your customer or to you – then all this will cost you extra. In short, the more on-site staff you require, the more it will cost you.

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  • Office space

Office space is another major factor that contributes to the cost of the virtual office. A business center can have multiple different types of offices. For instance, you can get a window office, a corner office, an executive suite, or a double room, and so much more. So the more the office space you require, the more it will cost you.

  • Additional services

Other than that, if you require any additional assistance from the service provider, then those will contribute to the cost. Additional services mostly include the usage of conference rooms, kitchen area, common workplaces, fax service and etc. The more additional services a virtual office has the offer, the more cost you will have to bear to enjoy those services.

  • Amenities

Although almost all virtual office spaces in Dubai are highly posh and well-furnished with all the state of the art amenities that one would need to run a business. The more luxurious space is, the more expensive it will be. So it depends entirely on you whether you need the amenities to be posh or you are okay with average facilities as well.

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Final Words

In short, if you look at it, the cost depends entirely on the perks that a place has to offer to you, which is much like any other space that you rent. The cost of the virtual office space depends on the luxuries and services that you wish to enjoy. So it all depends on your personal preferences, business need, and the location of the workplace. To find the Virtual Offices in Dubai contact us on the details given below or fill this Quotation Form

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