Evolution Of The Virtual Office: Terms And Technologies

Evolution Of The Virtual Office: Terms And Technologies

Virtual Office In The Past

The concept virtual office has been gaining popularity in the recent few years however the term ‘virtual office’ can be traced back to the 1970’s. Over the course of time what we refer to when we talk about the virtual office has also changed largely due to the developments in technology.

VO’s are basically part of the serviced office industry and there are other forms of the office services also available. The virtual office provides certain services to its members or clients and these vary from service provider and price range. Moreover the VO services are best suited to small businesses, startups and solopreneurs.

Virtual Offices Today

Virtual offices are able to locate your brand, company or organization at the top tier in your market and make you an attractive prospect for clients. Not only does it give a more professional look but it also has benefits for the entrepreneur.

Through the virtual office setup and a good company image you can open up lines of credit, secure your personal assets and become a part of the business community in the industry you are in.

With a good base to start from the pace of growth of the firm is better while other services such as meeting rooms and high tech facilities make it easy to scale the business and keep it growing.

Modern Services

In the past virtual offices only offered the most basic of services such as an address upon which the business can be registered and a landline number for communication.

Recently as the requirements of businesses and modern technology has changed, virtual office services have transformed to accommodate these changes.

API integration is a technology through which virtual office service providers can show meeting room and faculty service availability through an online portal, so that people don’t have to call and book but rather can do this online in real time.

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Digital mailbox services make it possible to get a notification on your mobile app about physical mail. The service notifies you when mail has arrived and even sends an image of the mail that has come through. This saves the person time and ensures mail is received rather than lying around in the letter box unattended.

Videoconferencing technology is growing in complexity every day. The latest developments make it possible to possible to communicate across platforms without the need for third party software or extra applications. This make communication even more easy and rapid while completely eliminating the need for physical interaction.

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There is no slowing down for the virtual office style of business. As virtual reality and augmented reality grows, it will change the business environment ad virtual offices will be a great option for future businesses. Moreover the current pandemic has also had a significant impact on how business operations change. Remote working and virtual jobs are gaining popularity among the new generations and as the nature of end consumers also change and they demand services either at home or online, business will have to adjust to cater to them accordingly.