Why Do I Need Disaster Recovery?

If some unfortunate situation befalls your organization you need to have an action plan to quickly recover and bounce back to operations. A disaster recovery office will be a vital tool in making this return possible.

Pre-made Facility

Ready to use offices space available whenever you need it

Ready To Use Services

Internet, printing, IT solutions, everything is already in place for you to kick start operations

Seamless Transfer

Fully integrated services make it a breeze to transition to the recovery office

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

This service is applicable for any business. Whether you are trading good or services, whether you are manufacturing or in any other industry a disaster recovery plan can always come in handy. The purpose of the disaster recovery office is not to be complete substitute but rather to give you enough room to at least partially continue your operations.


People in trading can make use of this facility if their retail space is shutdown

E-Commerce Platforms

Our facilities have all the support for online commerce platforms to continue their operations

Co-Working Spaces

We have all the necessary equipment for an effective co-working space

Software And IT Firms

Tech firms can make full use of our services and easily operate from the recovery office

How Can It Help?

The disaster recovery office offers services such as shared workspace for employees, dedicated office spaces for management and modern day amenities for business. It is a furnished environment with the necessary amenities already in place, and there is room for you to customize it according to your needs.

Full Time Substitute

In case anything goes wrong with your permanent office the recovery office will act as the base of operations till you can transition back

Mirror Office

It can act as a secondary office requiring minimum investment as all necessary amenities are already available. This gives makes it possible to have a wider reach and also spreads the workload

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