Why Co-Working Space Is Perfect For Millennial Employees

Why Co-Working Space Is Perfect For Millennial Employees

Why Co-Working Space Is Perfect For Millennial Employees

Individuals who are born between the years 1986-1996 are categorized as the millennial generation. This generation consists of those individuals who were young adults and would be aware to some extent of the transition in to the new millennium. This categorization of generations by age groups and birth years is more useful to researchers and statisticians when studying trends and the general behavior of a certain group of people. However in the recent past information pertaining to generational studies has grown more in depth and diverse and this information is also being applied to other fields of work and exhibiting a lot of value for organizational heads looking to achieve the highest levels of performance from their human resource.

Today the millennial age group makes up the bulk of the available global workforce. Being able to understand the prevalent behaviors in this generation will mean companies can optimize their workspaces and work practices in such a way as to achieve the highest level of utility from this generation.


Coworking space in Dubai offers an economical alternative to companies and freelancers from typical office buildings. For larger groups and companies who may have more staff, remote employees can join a coworking space near them at their own convenience. This will be much more cost effective for the companies and the freelancers. Dubai is not the cheapest of real estate markets and having an economic solution such as a coworking area for millennial employees can help keep costs manageable.

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Studies and research suggests that the millennial generation is not inclined to renting property and moving out to new areas, on the contrary millennial prefer to stay at and work from their parents’ homes. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone as the price of the premises for the office is reduced and the employees get to work where they want.

Creativity and Flexibility

Coworking spaces in Dubai will not only be beneficial in terms of being less costly than an office building but considering that the millennial generation enjoys working out of a contrasting and varied work area, this will be a great way to get higher productivity while giving high job satisfaction.

Research indicates millennial do not enjoy working through a rigid and monotonous work routine, which was not a problem for previous generations. This is something which hinders their work performance. Coworking spaces in Dubai offer a solution which will cater to this trait and also provide improvement in the work they do for their employers. Through coworking spaces millennial employees have to opportunity to interact with professionals from different fields of work and to collaborate with them. This allows them to bring in new colors of creativity in their work and be more productive. When working on a creative task millennial can be expected to put in more than the standard 40 hours a week. This frame of mind is easy to maintain when work is continuously collaborative and innovative.

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The Appropriate Playing Field

Millennial’s are the generation which grew up during the technology surge. They are naturally inclined to be more comfortable using technology, internet and modern tools which previous generations have not adopted as fluidly. The coworking environment is built around these modern amenities with which millennial are very good at using. By allowing them to work in such an environment promotes their natural strengths and requires the employer to do less in terms of training staff and making them tech savvy.

Considering all these factors which relate to the nature of the coworking environment and the nature of the millennial generation it makes sense to let these two work together. It is union which will benefit employers and employees and create a system which has a natural rhythm to it. This is unlike anything seen in previous times in any kind of organization. As technology grows and develops deeper into everyday life it will become a standard routine for work to be managed in a way which can accommodate modern facilities.
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