10 Tips For Building A Productive Virtual Office

10 Tips For Building A Productive Virtual Office

10 Tips For Building A Productive Virtual Office

Virtual offices are the newest style of business operations which are proving to be highly beneficial for all kinds of businesses. There are several benefits to using the virtual office for business owners as well as for employees. If you would like to setup a virtual office for your team, this is what you need to know:

  1. Set A Schedule

One of the key advantages of the virtual office style business is that you can be your own boss. However as the employer it is important to have a schedule which outlines what work is required from an employee on a daily basis, how many hours they are expected to put in and how their work will be managed. This will help streamline things for everyone

  1. Clear Communication

Since employees and managers don’t interact face to face on a regular basis it is important to have clear and open channels of communication. Whether this means e-mail, a social media group, instant messaging or an intra-business platform. The purpose is to make sure that communication can be done easily and everyone is kept in the loop.

  1. Personal Relations

This virtual style of working can often lead to isolation and a feeling of being distant. Making sure that everyone feels connected will help quality and quantity of work. By arranging regular out of office meet ups or by having particular days when everyone meets at the office the personal relation can be kept alive.

  1. Technology

There are several digital mediums that can be used to improve productivity, enhance relations, develop a better work environment and even educate employees about particular things. By using as many different forms of technology as possible businesses can make sure their team is in top shape to achieve great results.

  1. Healthy Competition

As is the case with physical work spaces, it is always good to have some healthy competition in the work environment. By having schemes which reward hard work and schemes which penalize the ones who are falling behind you can make sure that productivity is kept at a maximum.

  1. Unified Presence

Make sure that your communication mediums with clients are such that when they try to contact you it appears as a single office. Organizing operations in such a way that time differences and role differences do not impact user experience.

  1. Off-Site Meetings

In the case that you need to hire someone or need to let someone go, hold a personal meeting. In some cases it is better to have physical interaction so that both people can get a better idea of who they are dealing with.

  1. Team building

In virtual offices team building is even more important because there is little physical interaction. Whether you want to hold a small dinner or go out for a sporting activity, having physical team building occasions will help produce a stronger working network and better organizational performance

  1. Virtual Secretary

This role will be important in the virtual office as even though everyone else is virtual the virtual secretary will ensure that everyone knows what they need to do and everyone is kept updated. With a big team this can be difficult so you can hire more than one secretaries to coordinate things.

  1. Payroll

It is important to keep the payroll in check as this will increase employee trust. Wherever they are, make sure they know when they will get paid and how much and that they receive the payment according to the contract.

Authors Note

These few tips on the setup, structure and procedure of the virtual office will help make sure the organization is easy to manage, employees are productive and you are able to tackle any situation. These techniques will help develop a culture of hard work, honesty and compassion.


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